Welcome to Durham Duplex (South East Asia)

Welcome to Durham Duplex (South East Asia)

Durham Duplex (SEA) Limited has a full design and manufacture capability for all machine knife requirements within Thailand and ASEAN. It also operates as the regional hub for sales of industrial razor blades to ASEAN under a Foreign Business License on behalf of its parent company Durham-Duplex in UK.

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Durham-Duplex (South East Asia) Ltd.

was established in Thailand in 2008 and manufactures machine knives and industrial knives for the Thai and ASEAN markets. It is part of an International Group focussing on cutting edge solutions and its production processes have embraced technology but the knifemaking skills of the production staff remains at the core of the Company, givingcustomers confidence in these quality products. Industries served includes the food processing and packaging, film & foil converting, plastics & recycling, meat & poultry, flooring, roofing and safety industries.

Durham-Duplex’s wide manufacturing capabilities means that all application and shapes can be manufactured locally. This includes, but is not limited to, toothed knives for vertical form fill& seal (VFFS), tray knives for sealing, Horizontal of flow wrap zigzags, knives and anvils (HFFS), circular & scalloped chicken blades and vegetable slicing blades.

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วันตรุษจีน # Chinese New Year’s Day 2023

วันตรุษจีน # Chinese New Year’s Day 2023