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  • Circular Knives

    Circular blades are used in many different applications.  Durham-Duplex has a particular specialisation in this area utilising different  production processes to maximise the efficiency and edge performance in different applications.  Circulars blades include:
    • Slitting blades
    • Dished knives
    • Crush Cutters
    • Core cutters
    • Slicers
  • Converting Blades

    Durham-Duplex has a lot of experience in supplying blades for the global film & foil converting industry having invented the Durham slotted blade back in 1875 and pioneered the use of PVD coatings in the 1980s.  Key blade types include:
    • Industrial razor blades including injector blades and XCD coated blades
    • Circular slitting blades
    • Crush Cutters
    • Dished knives and anvils
    • 3 hole blades in different materials, thicknesses and coatings
    • Slotted blades in different materials, thicknesses and coatings
  • Food Processing Blades

    Food processing requires a wide range of cutting edges to process the products whether in the raw state or as part of processing it into a final product.  Key to food processing, as well as the edge, is the material selection and food safe coating, like Teflon, utilised which can be configured to support the customers requirement.  Durham-Duplex supplies a wide range food processing products including:
    • Meat processing blades such as bowl choppers and skinner/derinder blades
    • Bakery blades including scrapers and portioning blades
    • Fruit and Vegetable processing including slicers, dicers and corers
    • Confectionery including scrapers, wrappers and extruders
    • Pet food including mixing blades and extrusion
    • Dairy including scrapers and blenders
  • Hand Knives and safety knives

    Durham-Duplex manufactures all types of Straight knives for use in the Foods and Plastic industry with modern CNC machines.

    products include :

    • Straight Knives
    • Single-sided and double-sided blades
    • Single-sided blade with Recessed
  • Knives for packaging machines

    Durham-Duplex manufactures and supplies all sorts of machine knives and industrial blades used in the various types of packaging machines whether these are vertical Form and Fill (VFF) or Horizontal/flow wrap machines.  With over 100 years as a manufacturer the company has considerable experience in materials and process to ensure that the knife fits the application whether these are straight, PVD coated or zig-zagged.  Products include:
    • Straight knives
    • Slitting blades
    • Flow wrap knives and anvils
    • Scissor knives
  • Punches & Vacuum Packing

    Vacuum sealing requires accurate tolerances and high quality materials to ensure a seal especially with the increasing use of recycled plastics in the film manufacturing process making including
    • Vacuum punches
    • Cross cut knives
    • Side slitters
    • Cut off blades
  • Toothed Knives

    Durham-Duplex manufactures all types of toothed knives for use in the Packaging industry utilising bespoke technology for highly toleranced serrations in both piece and coil.  Toothed products include:
    • Toothed knives
    • Apexed toothed knives
    • Toothed knives with Tear notches
    • Zig-zag knives and anvils
    • Toothed coil
    • Tape/carton sealers